thaimaishuus (thaimaishuus) wrote in greenindy,

Reusable bags on a budget.

As we were walking into Home Depot earlier this evening, I noticed that they had reusable bags. I ran over to them since I have been wanting to purchase a couple lately, and I inspected them.

They're really nice, actually. I would say that they can hold up to 2-3 plastic bags worth of groceries. They also have a shoulder strap and some clasps to attach the bag to your cart while you shop.

It gets even better.

They cost $1.99 a piece.

The downside is that they are Home Depot's obnoxious orange color, but I think fashion can suffer over not having a garbajillion plastic bags at home.

I will post pictures later.
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let's us know how they hold up, though i'm sure it would be hard for them not to be worth the $2 investment.

now, i just have to remember to stop into a home depot, next time i'm near one. (is it weird that i've never been to a home depot? i think it is.)