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greenindy's Journal

Indianapolis: Greener, Brighter, Healthier!
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Making Indianapolis More Green
This community was created to help Indiana folks become more green.

We know that helping with the environment can cost money out of your pocket. So, we would like to discuss cheaper ways to help people become more green.

In this community, we don't care if you drive a car, don't recycle, or what have you. We do care that you are trying to make an effort to become more green in your daily lives!

Drama of any sort will NOT be tolerated in this community. You will be warned once, and only once. If you continually cause problems here, you will be removed. If you need assistance with a problem in the community, please email your friendly moderator @ thaimaishuus at livejournal dot com.

When posting pictures, PLEASE post all pictures behind an LJ cut!

So, post away. Ask questions. Make suggestions. Keep it friendly!