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Welcome to Green Indy!

This community was designed to help Indiana residents with becoming more green. Now, we know that not everyone can be totally green since it may not be affordable to many people, but we hope to help you to change little things that can help the environment!

What you can post in this community:

  • News Articles, Stories, Videos pertaining to Environmental Issues in Indiana

  • Links to websites or retailers for great greendeals such as Eco-Friendly product coupons, reusable products, etc. A good example would be coupons for Seventh Generation Dish Detergent.

  • Questions about recycling, composting, natural health options, etc. Please do NOT give medical advice on here! We are not liable for anything that may happen. You should consult a doctor, first! These posts will be removed!

  • Questions about green travelling, or trying to drive your car less, such as taking the bus.

  • This will be updated as time progresses.

    Also, please check the the tags for FAQs. Once this community becomes bigger, I will post the FAQs in a side bar.

    If you feel that your post is questionable, please feel free to contact me, Codi, through e-mail @ thaimaishuus @ livejournal dot com.

    I would really like to see this community remain active. Please feel free to ask any question. No question is too stupid, and no question will go unanswered.

    Please know that debate, negative comments, drama, trolling, etc. will not be tolerated. I'm far too old to put up with petty interwebz drama. :)
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